I was once again incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be an Effects Lead on Encanto, this time working on the vegetation tools for the effects department. This was our first film to utilize a new USD pipeline at work, and so in the early days of the project I was tasked with working with our internal software developers to create a pipeline for consuming, rigging and simulating procedurally generated plants and hand modeled plants from our up-stream departments. I was also asked to generate more hand-animatable vegetation rigs, for some of the more fantastical plant moments during Isabella’s song.

I thought it’d be cool to show off some of the early R&D I did for a vine growth system, as well as one of the plant interaction rigs. So much more went into this film than what I can show unfortunately. But I hope this somewhat satisfies your curiosity.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work from Encanto, please check out my latest demo reel.