Raya and the Last Dragon

I was afforded the incredible opportunity of being an Effects Lead on Raya and the Last Dragon, specializing in Effects Tools and Workflows. This gave me a unique opportunity to help the team problem solve across a wide range of shots. I spent much of my time developing the automated rig for the Druun’s interior webbing which I presented on at SIGGRAPH, in a talk titled “Weaving the Druun’s Webbing.” You can watch that presentation here:

And I would be remissed if I didn’t also mention my contributions to the soup effects in the film, which was also featured in a SIGGRAPH presention called “Cooking Southeast Asia-Inspired Soup in Animated Film”. To summarize briefly, the soup effects combined a FLIP simulation with a X-PBD style simulation for the oil floating on top of the broth. Here’s a small little R&D reel showing off that idea:

To see more of my work from Raya and the Last Dragon, please check out my latest demo reel.