Disney Investors Day 2019

Had the incredible opportunity to develop effects tools and designs for the 2019 Disney Investors Day Reel, along side the amazingly talented in-house motion graphics and animation team at FX Networks. Some of the tools I developed for the project include methods of guiding vector fields on surfaces from input curves as well as a system for layering, ordering and splatting paint strokes, all guided by the afformentioned vector fields. The silhouette lines you see on the characters were painted in tilt brush, and then all other paint strokes were placed and animated using the system described previously. The system also included straightforward and easy to use methods of animating the paint strokes on and off. I am extremely proud of how this project came out, given the limited time we had to produce it. The systems and tools were ultimately shared with artists at The Mill, who ended up finishing out the project after the in-house team had rolled off.